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Those of us in the wedding industry have a certain reaction to the term "DIY" not only because of some of our experiences where DIY's have been very difficult to work with but also because for some industries DIY services and products can take away from leads or opportunities for paid work.  

Image credit:  Ivory Mix

Image credit: Ivory Mix

Some may blame Pinterest for all of the articles out there encouraging DIY projects, but the internet in general has changed the way that couples experience their wedding.  Couples have Etsy, Amazon, Pinterest and numerous other sites that are dedicated to providing access to products that would have traditionally been sold or created locally. 

The conversation we are having today, isn't actually about brides DIY'ing.  It's about wedding professionals and creatives who are DIY'ing their websites, social media, marketing and branding.  From a design perspective you can quickly recognize business who are using generic templates for business cards, banners and other promotional materials.  The biggest question is, what makes you unique?  In a world where couples have so many choices at their fingertips, you don't want to blend in.

You might be thinking, I can't afford to outsource design work. Or that you don't know where to start with hiring a designer.  We recommend instead breaking it down to look at basic building blocks to start standing out.  

Top 3 tips to refresh your business presence:

  1.  Modernize your website - Mobile responsive is a must! 
    If couple's can't easily navigate your website from their phone or tablet, and can't find your contact information at first glance they will move on.  Make your website's navigation a priority with clear call to actions. 
  2. Personal branding - couples want to see the person behind the brand
    Update your headshots, team photos or even refresh with modern stock images that connect with your target demographic until you have an established portfolio. Tip: Always give proper image credit to the photographer/and or source of the image.  In need of new headshots or branding photos? Reach out to Diane Nicole Photography in Chico, she has done such great headshots for us over at The 530 Bride and The 530 and Co. 
  3. Systems and processes
    Make sure to have a clear process that you follow for new inquiries, if they have filled out your contact form or they met you at a bridal show..what happens next?

When you are in the thick of wedding season, these steps might seem overwhelming but that is why we have created The 530 and Co. for assisting small businesses and creatives with their systems and processes, marketing & branding.  Reach out to Delphine to set up a complimentary discovery call or meeting.