Butte County Weddings | Choosing A DJ For Your Wedding

An iPod is not a DJ.  There we said it.  Despite articles telling you how to save money and any hints that you have heard to cut a DJ out of the budget; read on about hiring a DJ. 

Uplighting, Monogram and Dance Floor -  The Wedding DJ

Uplighting, Monogram and Dance Floor - The Wedding DJ

If you have been to a wedding as a guest recently, chances are you remember certain aspects more than others.  For some guests the food and beverage options are what sets a wedding apart from others, but for many it is the music and whether the DJ kept them dancing all night long.  

Engaging a group of 150 to 200 people is not simply pressing play on a list of songs, it is understanding the ebb and flow of an event and the momentum that builds throughout the order of events.  For example after dinner time when guests have been sitting and having conversations at their table for the past hour or so, a DJ will need to be able to get the guest's attention for the formal dances, cake cutting etc and hold their attention until the open dancing starts.  There is a distinctive ability to emcee a wedding with minimal announcements on the microphone.  This isn't bingo, its a wedding! 

So when you are planning your wedding and envisioning your reception, think about your preferences on how a DJ would handle requests by your guests to hear songs.  Should these be collected with your RSVP's or are guests okay to request songs at the DJ booth?  

Aside from the dancing, a DJ is an integral piece on keeping things going smoothly according to the timeline.  So having an experienced DJ work closely with your wedding planner, photographer and caterer will make a big difference when assuring that the wedding party is announced right before lids are pulled on the buffet and ready to serve.  A DJ can also help facilitate group photos and instructions by making clear announcements - your photographer will appreciate this!

What should you expect to pay for a DJ? This varies due to the location of your wedding (if ceremony and reception are at different locations) and options that each company offers such as lighting, dance floor rentals, monograms etc.  Locally, one DJ company may be unlimited hours with your ceremony and reception package, while others have a standard set of hours and then you can add additional hours if needed.  Be sure to check out our DJ page for links to local professional DJ companies!