Butte County Weddings | Choosing a Ceremony Time

Planning your wedding involves many moving parts, including creating a timeline for your day to capture all of the details.  One crucial detail is choosing your ceremony start time, which will dictate what time you need to be ready, photography start time, transportation schedules, dinner start time and most importantly - how many hours you get to dance!

Photo courtesy of be authentic photography

Photo courtesy of be authentic photography

Before you have set your ceremony time, be sure to speak with your photo and video teams and your wedding planner to make sure that everything aligns with the coverage you have booked.  Another big question you will be asked is if you will see eachother before the ceremony which is referred to as the first look.  

A Sample Wedding Outline - 4 pm Ceremony 


Now that you've seen a sample, you can discuss with your event team on what time would be best to start your ceremony.  Consider lighting, hair and make-up along with your photo timeline and the rest will fall into place.  Keep in mind that with any timeline, things will be flexible.  Other than getting you down the aisle and starting dinner on time, the rest will flow around you as your event team ensures that you are having the best day ever!