Butte County Weddings | Choosing your wedding photographer

You are going to spend a lot of time with your wedding photographer between your engagement photos and wedding day.  Choosing a photographer that you vibe with and that understands your style/vision is a big decision, here are our tips for choosing the best photographer for your wedding!

Tip: Don't just email or message a photographer on Facebook and ask "how much" because there is so much more than price to consider! 

Check out full galleries

Instagram is not full picture of what a photographer can do, so if you are able to view full galleries or a more in-depth portfolio for that represents the amount of coverage you are looking for it will give you a better understanding of what you can expect the photographer to deliver.  Do you love candid, unposed photos that really capture emotion? Look for a photographer who has a good mix of the portraits and fun candid shots!

Set-up a meeting or video call

Photo by  Pedro de Sousa  on  Unsplash

Getting a chance to sit down with potential photographers allows you to get to know their personality and what they are passionate about in their business.  Do they love the same reality show that you do, or have the same obsession for french bull dogs? Maybe their strong sense of community service and giving back will shine through and you'll connect with their values.  Bottom line, a photographer is an artist and a creative business owner who wants to connect with their clients on a deeper level than just being the cheapest option around. 

Contract & Pricing 

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Understanding what is included in the various photography packages will help you decide on what is the best fit for you.  The benefit the of working with a professional photographer who has a contract with a clear outline of their packages, turn-a-round time, policies for cancellation is the reassurance of knowing that you are covered.  Working with a friend or family member on a verbal basis is rolling the dice in many ways, not only is there not a clear expectation of what they will provide but what is their back up plan if a camera fails or they can't make it?  A professional will have plans in place and safeguards that come from years of experience.

There are so many great wedding photographers in Butte County, we know you will find the perfect option for you! If you need help reaching out to potential photographers, feel free to drop a comment below or reach out on our contact page!

Butte County Weddings | Wedding Stationery Tips

With all of you family members hitting you up for details, you'll want to be sure to include all of the pertinent information within your wedding invitation suite.  What's included in a wedding suite? That depends on formality and the budget you have set for the invitations.

First decide on the formality of your invitation

Free Invitation Card & Envelope.jpg

We won't reinvent the wheel, there are many resources for finding the appropriate wording for your specific family dynamic and formality (are parents hosting, do you have a blended family..) each wedding invitation is different. You can read all about etiquette over on Emily Post's website

Then set a budget for your stationery

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Avoid scrolling on Pinterest or Etsy until you have set a realistic budget for your invitations.  Why? Well it isn't fun to fall in love with an invitation design that is $6 per invite when your budget allocates for $1.50 per invite (when you have 150+ guests that is a huge difference!) 

Decide on a wedding website or consider adding a details card

Photo by  Joanna Kosinska  on  Unsplash

Wedding websites are typically free unless you upgrade to a custom domain and this is a great way to share hotel accommodations, things to do, information about the venue, more details about the wedding party, gift registry or even just to share some more of those epic engagement photos! You can create a free wedding website over on sites like WeddingWire, or Minted to name a couple.

Printing & postage 

Photo by  Gemma Evans  on  Unsplash

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

If you found a digital download suite make sure to consider how much the printing will be, where you will print and if the printer isn't local - factor in shipping.  In addition, you will need postage for the outer envelope and if you are doing a physical rsvp card you will want to have a stamp for that envelope with your return address ready to go. 

All of this invitation talk making you dizzy? Speak with your wedding planner about where to start, or mark your calendars for the August 19th bridal show in Chico where you can meet with local wedding pro's!

Butte County Weddings | Guest Post ~ Matthew Lim Photography

Thanks for stopping by Butte County Weddings! We are excited to share a resource from one of our local wedding photographers.  If you're searching for the perfect wedding venue, Matthew Lim Photography is breaking it down for you with a great blog post, Top 25 Wedding Venues in Chico, CA 

matthew-lim-photography_Bella Rosa Farms

"There are so many beautiful and unique wedding venues to "say I do" and celebrate here in our corner of Butte County. I've been fortunate enough to shoot at most all of these places over the years, so if you have any questions about a wedding venue here in Chico or Northern California, please don't hesitate to ask! Or if you know of a wedding venue or reception space that I've missed, please let me know as I'd like to keep this list updated." - Matt Lim

Thank you Matt for sharing this great resource for couples! 
p.s Head over to Matt's website or check out his Instagram for his latest work!

Butte County Weddings | Top 3 Wedding Trends for 2018

When you work in the wedding industry or even in the fashion and design world, you see a lot of trends that come and go.  What we love most is when couples put their own fun twist on a trend or find a classic style and make it their own.  This post is all about the trends on the horizon for 2018 wedding season!

Wedding Trends (1).png

1. Jewel Tones - Don't be afraid of color! In fact the rich tones and textures of the jewel toned trend is exactly what draws us in and make it feel so romantic.  

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

2. Al Fresco - Can you say greenery? We love the understated elegance that comes with the less is more approach to Al Fresco style designs! From the words of Style Me Pretty: "Al Fresco weddings are warm and welcoming, inspired by the home and family style dinners. Initially part of the California vineyard scene, Al Fresco weddings now rule the wedding world - achieved by the use of open-air tenting, whimsical lighting, and long, rustic and elegant feasting tables in any locale."

smp chairs.jpg

3. Personalization - A cohesive "wedding brand" is the perfect way to tell the story of your wedding and putting the focus on the unique storyline of your relationship.  If you love sailing or adventuring together, you can incorporate this adventure them into many facets of your day.  Custom stationery is another way to personalize your wedding, take it from Carey at the Idea Emporium, "creating cool shit for weddings" is definitely in.

If you want to read the full report on trends from around the globe, check out the International Wedding Trend Report for 2018!

Butte County Weddings | Guest Seating Tips

To assign seating or not assign seating, that is the question.

What if you can do the best of both worlds? Assign seating for your immediate family members and wedding party if they won't be seated at a head table but leave the rest of the seating open for guests.  


This allows you to make it simple for your family to find their seat and if they have been doing photos after the ceremony they may be the last to be making their way over to the reception area to find a seat.  It also keeps mom and dad happy because they have their family seated close by and they have a great view of your table.

If you've elected to use assigned seating for all of your guests be sure to not only have a copy of the list for your coordinator or banquet captain but also a map of where the tables should be placed.  So if your best friend is at table 6, consider where table 6 should be in relation to your table and sketch out a simple layout for reference.  

A sample of a simple floorplan layout created by a bride for her August wedding 

A sample of a simple floorplan layout created by a bride for her August wedding 

Stressed about seating? Ask your wedding planner, or venue, caterer, photographer for ideas on how to make a seamless seating arrangement for your wedding reception!

Butte County Weddings | Choosing A DJ For Your Wedding

An iPod is not a DJ.  There we said it.  Despite articles telling you how to save money and any hints that you have heard to cut a DJ out of the budget; read on about hiring a DJ. 

Uplighting, Monogram and Dance Floor -  The Wedding DJ

Uplighting, Monogram and Dance Floor - The Wedding DJ

If you have been to a wedding as a guest recently, chances are you remember certain aspects more than others.  For some guests the food and beverage options are what sets a wedding apart from others, but for many it is the music and whether the DJ kept them dancing all night long.  

Engaging a group of 150 to 200 people is not simply pressing play on a list of songs, it is understanding the ebb and flow of an event and the momentum that builds throughout the order of events.  For example after dinner time when guests have been sitting and having conversations at their table for the past hour or so, a DJ will need to be able to get the guest's attention for the formal dances, cake cutting etc and hold their attention until the open dancing starts.  There is a distinctive ability to emcee a wedding with minimal announcements on the microphone.  This isn't bingo, its a wedding! 

So when you are planning your wedding and envisioning your reception, think about your preferences on how a DJ would handle requests by your guests to hear songs.  Should these be collected with your RSVP's or are guests okay to request songs at the DJ booth?  

Aside from the dancing, a DJ is an integral piece on keeping things going smoothly according to the timeline.  So having an experienced DJ work closely with your wedding planner, photographer and caterer will make a big difference when assuring that the wedding party is announced right before lids are pulled on the buffet and ready to serve.  A DJ can also help facilitate group photos and instructions by making clear announcements - your photographer will appreciate this!

What should you expect to pay for a DJ? This varies due to the location of your wedding (if ceremony and reception are at different locations) and options that each company offers such as lighting, dance floor rentals, monograms etc.  Locally, one DJ company may be unlimited hours with your ceremony and reception package, while others have a standard set of hours and then you can add additional hours if needed.  Be sure to check out our DJ page for links to local professional DJ companies! 

Butte County Weddings | Mark Your Calendar ~ Chico Bridal Show

It's already the end of October, and before we know it January will come knocking!  We affectionately call this time of year "engagement season" so if you are seeing wedding bells in your future make sure to attend the Chico Bridal Show. 

Chico Bridal Show.png

If you have never attended a bridal show, prepare to eat samples from caterers and bakeries while checking out the local wedding professionals from photographers, venues, DJ's, florists, planners and even see the trending wedding dress styles. 


    JANUARY 14, 2018
    in Chico, CA
  • 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.



  • Tickets are only available at the door
  • Admission: $10 for adults (17 and up)
  • $1 for children (12 to 16)
  • Children under 11 - FREE with paying adult

We'll see you there!

Butte County Weddings | Social Media and Wedding Planning

instagram-social media

Instagram sure is pretty! Does it tell the whole story though? Technology has changed the way that couples and businesses communicate.  We spend less time on the phone speaking with businesses and service providers because we have their website and social media at our fingertips so maybe it seems more familiar.  

When booking services for your wedding take your time and if you are able to have a face to face consult, or even a Skype consult you may be surprised on how much more you connect with potential event partners and that it gives you a chance to ask questions ahead of time.  

We all love the instant gratification of reading reviews, receiving an email or the ability to seamlessly book a service online, however it doesn't replace the benefit of forming relationships with your planner, photographer, DJ or florist etc. 

What has been the most helpful for you along the way? Leave a comment below and tell us about your booking experiences.

Butte County Weddings | Choosing a Ceremony Time

Planning your wedding involves many moving parts, including creating a timeline for your day to capture all of the details.  One crucial detail is choosing your ceremony start time, which will dictate what time you need to be ready, photography start time, transportation schedules, dinner start time and most importantly - how many hours you get to dance!

Photo courtesy of be authentic photography

Photo courtesy of be authentic photography

Before you have set your ceremony time, be sure to speak with your photo and video teams and your wedding planner to make sure that everything aligns with the coverage you have booked.  Another big question you will be asked is if you will see eachother before the ceremony which is referred to as the first look.  

A Sample Wedding Outline - 4 pm Ceremony 


Now that you've seen a sample, you can discuss with your event team on what time would be best to start your ceremony.  Consider lighting, hair and make-up along with your photo timeline and the rest will fall into place.  Keep in mind that with any timeline, things will be flexible.  Other than getting you down the aisle and starting dinner on time, the rest will flow around you as your event team ensures that you are having the best day ever!

Butte County Weddings | Say Your I Do's In Butte County

There is nothing better than feeling like you're "home" when you are planning your wedding day.  Chico and the surrounding Butte County area truly provides that feeling regardless if you have lived here for years and left after college or once passed through.  Let's explore a few of the many reasons that couples choose Butte County for their wedding destination. 

Photo by Jack Vu Photography

Photo by Jack Vu Photography

Easy Travel - Butte County is accessible by Highway 99 and I5 freeway, and just over an hour from the Sacramento airport! 

Versatile Wedding Venues - Check out our Venue Listing page

Restaurants & Attractions - Check out Things to Do in Chico

You can create a wedding website to share some of these fun activities with your guests!

Also see: Marriage License & Fees in Butte County